This integrative and holistic therapy is the result of my extensive journey as a professional musician and a certified practitioner in both Hypnotherapy and Sophro-analysis of the prenatal, birth and childhood memories.

Both Hypnotherapy and Sophro-analysis are using altered state of consciousness in a very safe and respectful process where the client is always aware and in control.


Hypnotherapy has been approved by the medical and scientific establishment as far back as the nineteenth century, but it became officially acknowledged for its medical and psychological benefits in the 1950’s. Very popular for smoking cessation and weight loss, hypnosis has proven its effectiveness on many levels: insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain among many others. In Hypnosis, guided by your subconscious mind, you are only revisiting the memories and feeling the emotions that you are ready to experience. Using ideomotors signals that are direct responses from your subconscious mind, the therapist is making sure before regressing to memories that not only your conscious mind but also your subconscious mind are ready to go.


Sophro-analysis of prenatal, birth and childhood memories is more recent and completely unique in the US. A French technique, it was created by Dr Claude Imbert in the 1990’s under the name ”decoding of prenatal memories”. Since 2000, as a former student of Dr Imbert, Dr Christine Louveau has been developing and expanding the technique to a more integrative approach: Sophro-analysis of prenatal, birth and childhood memories. In 2017, Dr Louveau has trademarked her technique “votre âme aux commandes™” which could be translated to “your soul is in charge”. In Sophro-analysis, guided by your higher self or soul, you are traveling back in time to the memories that you are ready to revisit. There is no influence, nor interpretation from the therapist. You go only where you need to go, where your higher self leads you, to let go of your inner limitations and repeated negative patterns and to finally get free and allow yourself to be accomplished, successful, happy, healthy.

A musician’s approach

My musical journey started when I discovered the piano at 5 years old. Passionate about music, I have learned from a very young age the joy of practicing, the long learning process, the patience it requires, the frustration it can create, the importance of focusing, visualization, memorization, coordination, and synchronization. All these aspects of music learning are deeply connected to psychology and the aspects of the mind. As a music teacher I consistently see the correlation between therapy and music, how our brain processes information as we play music and as it processes information as we experience a situation. Our sound is directly impacted by our subconscious bodily responses. If we are upset, our body is playing upset on the instrument, there is more tension, stiffness in the sound. We do exactly the same in our lives, no matter how hard we try to hide our feelings, our body language doesn’t lie. Creating an harmonious balance between our body and mind is essential.