Medical hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy for chronic and auto-immune diseases.

Medical hypnotherapy
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The three factors in the onset, progression and recurrence of chronic disease are biology, psychology and social interactions. 

The biological factors (gene, hormones, nutrition and exercise etc) have been the main focus of conventional medicine.  Although the psychosocial factors are not directly addressed by medicine, their influence cannot be ignored.

This is where alternative treatments such as medical hypnotherapy play an essential role in healing chronic and auto-immune diseases. 

Psychosocial factors include trauma, repressed or unresolved past memories, beliefs, behaviors, unhealthy family or relationship dynamics.

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Modern medicine focuses on effectively managing and eliminating the symptoms through surgery or medical treatment. In life threatening situations such as injuries, infectious diseases, or the need of a new organ, it is essential to resort to the effective treatments offered by modern medicine.

Unfortunately, in the case of chronic or auto-immune disease, removing or managing the symptoms does not solve the underlying cause of the disease. Until the underlying cause can be addressed at a deeper level, the body might just repeat the symptom over and over or create a new one in a different location. 

Medical hypnotherapy is a complementary modality to the treatment offered by modern medicine. While the physical aspect of the disease is addressed by your doctor, medical hypnotherapy focuses on the underlying cause of the disease. It can also teach you tools to manage the pain and the symptoms. 

Medical hypnotherapy doesn’t diagnose nor prescribe medical treatment. It cannot be a replacement for the treatment provided by your Doctor.

Medical hypnotherapy will take you through three different stages: 

  1.  Pain management and symptom relief: you will learn tools to alleviate the pain and reduce the symptoms with no side effects. This is an extremely valuable aspect for people with chronic pain who struggle with side effects of pain killers.  
  2. Addressing the underlying cause of the disease: most of the time, it is only when we start facing symptoms and pain that we realize how our behaviors, beliefs, relationships and emotions can negatively affect our body and health.
  3. Retraining both the nervous and immune system at the cellular level: hypnotherapy uses guided imagery, relaxation and  suggestions to communicate with the subconscious mind and the higher self, creating a new balanced system in the body and activating it in each cell. 

 Medical hypnotherapy addresses diseases such as cancer, chronic pain, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, IBS, multiple sclerosis, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer, Parkinson and more.