Virginie is an exceptionally skilled therapist and a deeply caring, kind and calming individual. I saw her for several month this year and she was able to help me with my anxiety in ways that my regular therapist was not. I came out of every session with Virginie refreshed and relaxed, and I can say that working with her not only helped my overall mood and emotional well-being, but also help reduce my chronic eczema caused by anxiety. Cannot recommend her enough!
Professional musician
I highly recommend working with Virginie. As a classical violinist, I am used to dealing with stressful situation but I recently sought Virginie's help for a particular event that was still anxiety inducing for me months after. In only 3 sessions, she was able to help greatly. Her approach is particularly efficient because of her ability to listen, understand, adapt (I have worked with other people in the past who were doing exercises that seemed generic and didn't work for me) and because she is so approachable. Her sessions are recorded so you can listen back as many times as you want to re-live the sessions and keep working on yourself longterm.
Professional musician
Thanks to Virginie, I found back my passion for my job. I’ve always been so passionate for my studies and job, it was like a fire, but for the past 5 years, this great drive gradually decreased due to a big lack of self-confidence, doubts, etc. During this just one single hypnosis session, Virginie had me travel back to the time I had this fire and simply get it back inside of my current self. It was an incredibly moving and powerful journey that I don’t think I can forget. Since then, a few times a day I’ve been reminding myself of this true self and each time I feel even more connected to myself. The great thing is that now I again have this burning passion for my work, so much energy, and my doubts and fears haven’t been bothering me, or at least I haven’t been paying attention to them because, as cheesy as it may sound, I’ve seen this huge power that’s inside of myself and that we all have. I’ve never experienced anything so instantaneous, yet deep and real than hypnosis. But for sure, all this wouldn’t have been possible without the great hypnotherapist that Virginie is. She was very encouraging, it was so easy to connect to her and her words, and I felt totally comfortable to share with her what I was seeing.
Professional musician
I went to see Virginie d’Avezac for anxiety and for some big blocks that were holding me back (in my personal life and career) and Virginie helped me tremendously work past them.  Virginie is a very knowledgable and skilled therapist. She combines various techniques such as the Inner child work, hypnotherapy, sophro-analysis, guided imagery, NLP which helped me rewire my brain and transform my limited/negative beliefs.  I needed to deeply change these beliefs about myself and this therapy helped me do that.   After each session, I left with tools that helped me live a better and fuller life ; tools that I still use on a regular basis when tough situations arise.  Since I started working with her, I have had many positive changes in my life. This work has increased my happiness, self-confidence, self-love, inner-peace, productivity, career growth, leadership, relationship. Not only Virginie is an amazing therapist, but she is also an amazing human being who deeply cares for her clients. She is kind, patient and makes you feel very comfortable. You never have the sense that she is rushing through your session.  I absolutely loved working with her, she helped me transform my life and unleash my true self and true potential !
Virginie is a fantastic healer and a rare, truly kind person who is able to listen to you intensely and understand what may prevent you from reaching the highest level of self realization, especially if you're an artist. As a classically trained musician herself, she is attuned to one's often undiscovered creative potential, and will help you connect with it, reaching to the inner child in you in a mind-blowing, truth-seeking path. Something else for sure !